High-speed cutting head


Allowing for maximum speed in cutting applications and reducing production times.  

1300 Series cutting table


If you are cutting large sheets of non-metal substrates like plastic, acrylic, wood etc. using a large cutting table allows you to map out your cutting reducing waste and money.


Depending on the working environment we offer off the shelf or custom enclosure designs.  Just let us know what environment challenges exist and we will build an enclosure to fit your specific needs.


We offer an array of power levels to meet just about any cutting application.  Simply explain to use how thick the substrate is and how fast you want to go. 


We have the ability to customize all cutting tables.  If you have a budget you need to stay within please let us know.  We will do our best to come up with a solution that makes sense for you and Sphere Laser.  All budgets are welcome!

Video sample

High speed cutting applications made easy.  Fill orders in a fraction of a time with this extremely accurate Co2 cutting table.  

 Sphere Laser's Super Fast high speed Co2 laser- this laser is capable of high speeds with extreme accuracy.  This video shows a roll of sandpaper cut down to rotary disk pieces prior to packaging in 5 sets per container.  

250w Co2 galvo driven laser system.  Incredible speed with amazing precision.  

 1300 Series Table- in this video you will observe a recent test we completed cutting rubber gaskets for a customers new machine.  The speed and power the operator chooses is always substrate dependent.  This video represents the best power and speed settings to achieve this customers specifications.  

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