2D Co2 Laser System Solutions

Low-Power CO2 Laser Marker


The low-power CO2 laser marker is controlled by computer and makes use of 10.64um laser beam, which undergoes expanding, focusing and deflecting and finally works on the workpiece surface, leading to a clean and nice mark.

Mid Power CO2 Laser Marker


The medium power type CO2 laser marker is extensively used for marking and cutting of various types of nonmetal materials, such as leather, fabrics, paper, rubber, glass, timber, ceramics and plastics (acrylic resin, cellulose acetate, synthetic fiber, PE, PT, PVC). Favorable acclaims are received from such industries as shoemaking, garment, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and just to name a few.

High-Power CO2 Laser Marker


1. Three-axis dynamic system, wider working range and a smaller optical spot.  2. Long-time stable and reliable operation.  3. Provides faster processing, clean edge and mirror-smooth surface.  4. Stable power capability.  5. Suitable for precise cutting, boring and engraving.  6. Utilizes diffusion cooling technology which uses water-cooling.  7. The pulse rise time/fall time< 45μs.  8. Developed with Surepulse function, the CO2 laser machine increases the peak power by 6 times, ensuring constant energy output of every pulse.  9. The optical adjustment system allows for great-quality light beam K>0.8 (M2<1.2), a divergence angle <2.5mrad (Transmission distance: 1-10 meters) and optical ovality <1.1:1.  

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