6-Axis Robot Arm "Eva" launching with sphere laser: august 2019


Our Execution

The idea of affordable, simple robot arms has been around for decades: as testified by the abundance of open-sourced, crowd-funded robot arm projects out there.  But barely any provide the reliability and robustness required for production use, and the ones that do firmly remain an expensive luxury, needing skilled users and cumbersome installation procedures.


Our Difference

Automata has rethought the design, the control software, and the entire process of installation and set-up from the ground up to change this. Fundamental reinventions in mechanics, electronics, software and control have made Eva affordable, safe and so simple that even an untrained user can get it up and running in under 15 minutes. Most industrial robots are heavy, powerful, need to operate behind safety barriers, and are off-limits to everyone but the experts. They’re intimidating, not friendly.  Eva is designed for human interaction. It’s designed to be friendly. Everything from the colors to the soft curves to the gaps between the moving elements places human interaction and safety at the center. It can reach just as far as a human arm so it can fit in with people wherever they work: on workbenches, in labs, on workstations or assembly lines.


New gearing system

Automata's gearboxes are the gatekeepers to affordability in robotics. The last major breakthrough in robotic gearing happened in 1957. Seriously.  All industrial robots rely on a select few types of gearboxes, and these are proprietary, patented and expensive. Rightfully so: they do the heavy lifting, make it precise, keep the noise down, and give the robots their speed, agility and fluidity.  But to break through this affordability barrier, we have had to build an affordable gearbox from scratch that is robust, reliable, and suitable for industrial grade use. And around this gearbox, we’ve fundamentally redesigned the entire servo assembly complete with bearings, electronics, motor, sensors and brakes to lower component costs even further, simplify assembly, reduce weight, and precisely control performance.  This hasn’t been easy and we have spent a majority of the last 2 years doing this, but we’re very proud of having achieved something that hasn’t happened in over 60 years.

Eva in motion

Speed intervals:   Axis 1: 120 degrees/second,  Axis 2: 120 degrees/second,  Axis 3: 120 degrees/second,  Axis 4: 150 degrees/second,  Axis 5: 180 degrees/second,  Axis 6: 180 degrees/second  The end effector speed is 1.5m/s

Eva part placememt

EVA picking & placing parts simulating production process.

Teaching EVA how to paint

This video shows the versatility of Eva and previews another example how Eva can be used in industrial spray coating applications.

Robot Automation Capabilities

Simplified cutting capabilities with robots. Our channel partners automated designs enable customers to dynamically change patterns on the fly, eliminating the need for new machines or tooling to be designed or purchased.

MH-50 6-axis robot


Mh-50 6-axis robot

The MOTOMAN MH50-35 is a dynamic, high-speed robot featuring an extended reach for large parts. It offers superior performance in laser welding, coating, dispensing, gluing, material cutting and material handling applications.


High-Speed Low-Profile Design

Powerful, high-speed robots with long/extended reaches offer superior performance in coating, dispensing, material cutting and handling applications. Wide work envelopes with small interference zones, allow robots to be placed close to work pieces/equipment which reduces required floor space.



Cutting, Dispensing, Machine Tending, Press/Forming, Foundry (XP version)

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