3D Fiber Lasers

3D Fiber Laser Marking System


Our 3D fiber lasers are manufactured with domestic core components, high-speed high-precision 3D galvo scanner and in-house developed 3D software and control system, creating a fine mark on any kind of curve surface. Moreover, the 3D fiber laser equipment assures no defocus problem and provides real-time tracking for spots requiring deep marking. Such an advanced design helps the 3D laser marking machine to stand out from conventional 2D marking systems, leading to a new age of laser processing industry. Call us to hear about our entire product line of laser equipment for sale. 

3D Fiber Enclosures


Safety enclosures for any size laser from 10watt Fiber laser to 1kwatt lasers.

New Taste


Innovation at its best. Full 3D capability with a large marking area of 600mm X 480mm. 


Mold manufacture, Lightweight design (weight<50KG)  European standard
Film built-in buttons, external hand-held controller
Security switches, lock-out key, E-Stop on front panel and handheld, interlocks on all access doors, laser safety shield on front viewing window.
Embossing function, black annealing, curved surface and cone marking capabilities, rotary and indexing table add-ons.
Dual LED lighting, large working area 600mm x 480mm, dual pointer for easy setup of parts.
Laser Auto-focus features allows fast setup of your laser system for any part to increase production throughput on variable height parts. Leading technology against other laser manufacturers. 

3D TASTE Machine

Check out this great video of our new TASTE machine which has taken automation to new levels and has set the new standard for the industrial automation industry to follow. Available in Fiber & UV wavelengths

3D Fiber Laser Videos

Light Bulb marking without rotating part.  Shows our ability to mark on curved surfaces without adjusting the height of the laser scan head.

Light bulb base marking with 3D head, no rotation needed.  Cone, cylinder, variable surfaces or ball shaped part marking is no problem. 

Index Rotation machine using 3D Fiber Laser is an example of high volume marking over curved surfaces.

Rotation marking using 3D Fiber Laser allows operators to quickly change parts in one motion.

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